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Hi there! My name is Amy.

Welcome to my love project, Blossom and Pearl. So pleased you’ve stopped by.

I’m a cake enthusiast, among other things. Heavy sleeper. Bulldog mother. Gryffindor. Amateur photographer.

You will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that, unlike many other bloggers, I don’t have a quaint origins story for my love for cake. You know the kind of story that begins with a lovely memory, like licking the wooden spoon in my Grandma’s kitchen. The truth is, like most of my life’s work, Blossom and Pearl started because I was hungry.

It was the Spring of 2015 and I had embarked upon a no flavour meal plan which primarily featured cardboard and broccoli. Whilst I had eaten my 5314 kilojoules or 1270.076 calories for the day (yes, this is exact), I would have gladly eaten the crotch of a low flying duck. As a former vegetarian, I hope this provides enough drama and shock for you to realise that I was extremely hungry.

And so, to ease my pain/starvation, I began my nightly routine of trawling Instagram for pictures of delicious looking food (no judgement please). Apparently this sort of viewing pictures of food whilst on a diet is now called #Foodstagram? My journey started with #pizza, #burger, #cheatday and ended with #cake. #CAKE! I was inspired! This was the beginning.

I started playing with tastes, learning new techniques and finally creating recipes. And after baking for 45 minutes at 180◦C, here’s the result. I hope you enjoy my creative brain child!

What the critics are saying about me:

She smells like egg. Not in a bad way, just, like an egg yolk. Sorta creamy and yellow, you know?

– My big sister aka Blossom


Her prowess using the oven makes up, in part, for her failures with the washing machine. Seriously, she does not understand the nuances of an efficient washing cycle.

– My partner aka Ampersand


I didn’t think I could be friends with a netballer but it turned out ok.

– Beck, dedicated recipe tester